Exploring the Different Types of Rural Communities in Franklin County, Ohio

Are you looking for a peaceful and charming place to live in Ohio? Franklin County is the most populous county in the state and is home to the capital city of Columbus. While most of the county is metropolitan, there is a small corner of the county that qualifies for the USDA Rural Development Program. This area includes the cities of Georgesville, Darbydale, Pleasant Corners, and Harrisburg. A recent study conducted in Ohio identified five distinct types of rural communities.

These include stable rural areas, which experienced small increases in population and are associated with rural agricultural or industrial corridors. Stagnant rural areas were clustered in the Appalachian region, in the southeastern part of the state. The study found that these different types of rural communities have different characteristics. For example, stable rural areas tend to have higher levels of education and income than other types of rural communities.

Stagnant rural areas, on the other hand, tend to have lower levels of education and income. The study also revealed that these different types of rural communities have different needs. For instance, stable rural areas may require more infrastructure investments to support economic growth, while stagnant rural areas may need more investments in education and health care services. The study concluded that it is essential for policymakers to recognize the various types of rural communities and their needs when developing policies and programs to support them.

By understanding the unique characteristics and needs of each type of rural community, policymakers can create policies and programs that are tailored to meet their specific needs.