Uncover the Most Valuable Neighborhoods in Franklin County, Ohio

Are you on the hunt for the best neighborhoods in Franklin County, Ohio? Home values in the area are projected to rise by an average of 41%, with even greater increases in Canal Winchester, Reynoldsburg and Whitehall. We studied a considerable sample of counties with similar populations and discovered that housing in Franklin County is much more affordable. The county auditor's Know Your Home Values website explains property taxes and how to challenge the county's assessed value, including how to find sales in the same neighborhood. The reevaluation process mandated by the state has published new interim assessments that boost the value of Franklin County homes by an average of 41%. Franklin County home values will experience a record 41 percent average increase in this year's revaluation, with a 68 percent surge in Whitehall.

The areas most sought after are usually located in the northwestern parts of the county, while the most economical housing is found in the southwestern regions. Franklin County farmland increased by 40%, commercial land by 19%, industrial land by 14%, and exempt land by 10%.The schedule shows that the auditor's office sent the proposed new property values to the Ohio Department of Taxation in May, before publishing the provisional values. Counties must re-appraise real estate every six years (the ongoing process in Franklin County) and update their values every three years. Michael Stinziano, the county auditor, highlighted that, due to legal limits on property tax increases, a 40% increase in property values will not mean a 40% increase in property taxes. Although these areas tend to have lower crime rates and a better quality of life, this is primarily a map of the best areas by median home value in Franklin County, Ohio.

The map shows the places that residents of Franklin County and the surrounding area say are the best places to live. If you're looking for an area with high property values and an excellent quality of life, then you should consider these neighborhoods. The northwestern parts of Franklin County are usually more desirable due to their proximity to amenities and lower crime rates. However, if you're searching for more affordable housing options, then you should look into the southwestern regions. No matter what your budget is, there is sure to be something for everyone in Franklin County.