Explore the Safest Areas in Franklin County, Ohio

Are you looking for a safe place to live or visit in Franklin County, Ohio? The Crime Grade crime map can help you find the safest neighborhoods in the area. Areas with the lowest crime rates are highlighted in yellow and red, while those with the highest safety levels are marked in green. Powell is one of the most secure districts in Central Ohio, and is consistently ranked among the top 3 safest places in the entire state. With no reported violent crimes a year and approximately 5 to 7 property crimes per 1,000 people, Powell is an ideal spot for families looking to move.

It has excellent schools, as part of the Olentangy School District, and plenty of entertainment options such as bars, restaurants, and music venues. The northwestern part of Franklin County is generally considered to be the safest. The main airport in the county is also a safe area due to its small population. The map below shows a simple count of crimes in Franklin County, which looks similar to population maps of the states. Victorian Village is safer than 97 percent of neighborhoods in Ohio, with only 1,551 crimes per 100,000 people. New Albany is the second safest neighborhood in the Columbus area, with a crime rate 71% lower than the national average.

From Grandview Heights to cozy Clintonville, each neighborhood offers its residents unique features that emphasize safety. The red areas on the crime index map don't always indicate danger to Franklin County residents who live there. Nowadays, it's important to research neighborhoods before moving or visiting. Discover the safest areas in Franklin County, Ohio and find out which locations are best for settling down with your family or living in a peaceful community.