Retire in Style: The Best Neighborhoods in Franklin County, Ohio

Franklin County, Ohio is a great destination for retirees looking to settle down and enjoy their golden years. Located in the suburbs of Columbus, the county offers a variety of activities and amenities that make it an ideal spot for those looking to make the most of their retirement. From the Ohio State Fair to the Franklin Park Conservatory, there is something for everyone in this vibrant area. In addition, there are plenty of dining options in the various neighborhoods of Columbus, such as the Brewery District, the German Village, and downtown Columbus. When it comes to choosing a neighborhood in Franklin County, retirees should consider a few key factors.

First and foremost, they should look for a safe and secure area with low crime rates. Upper Arlington and Westerville are two of the safest neighborhoods in the county, making them great choices for retirees. Additionally, retirees should look for neighborhoods with plenty of amenities nearby. For example, Upper Arlington has a variety of shopping centers and restaurants within walking distance.

Westerville also has plenty of parks and recreational areas that are perfect for those who want to stay active. Retirees should also take into account the climate when selecting a neighborhood in Franklin County. Cold Canadian air masses frequently invade the region during winter months, while humid air from the Gulf of Mexico usually reaches central Ohio during the summer and fall. Those who prefer milder temperatures may want to look for neighborhoods that are further south in the county. Overall, Franklin County is an excellent place for retirees to call home. With its safe neighborhoods, ample amenities, and mild climate, it is no wonder why so many seniors choose to settle down here.

Whether you are looking for a quiet spot to relax or an active area with plenty of activities, you can find it in Franklin County.